Curly Girl update

I just can’t seem to make up my mind as far as what my hair wants, and what products I like.  Last time I talked about my hair, I mentioned that I had some new conditioners.  Funny thing about that, my favorite thing out of that purchase was the free sample of Curl Keeper!

I completely stopped using the Elucence shortly after trying it.  I just didn’t like the way it left my hair feeling. It just seemed to sit on top of my hair instead of actually sinking in and doing what it was there to do…moisturize.  Oh well.  Ya can’t win ‘em all.

Camille Rose Naturals SOYlicious was ok, but I didn’t love it by itself.  It wasn’t smooth enough.  I ended up buying another bottle of Deva One Conditioner shortly after, which I discovered mixes nicely with the CRN Soy.  Combined, they’re almost the perfect conditioner.  I just don’t think my hair is super in love with the protein in the CRN Soy. 

The Bee Mine Avocado Cream Balancing Conditioner, on the other hand, was lovely.  I really can’t say enough good things about this conditioner.  It was thick, creamy, and just a touch slippery.  Not slippery like Deva, but one of the closest I’ve tried so far.  It smells like yummy cupcakes.  I’m not one to enjoy smelling like candy, so the fact that I enjoyed a sweet fragrance is really remarkable. I ended up using this until it was gone.  After this was gone is when I picked up more Deva and started mixing it with the CRN Soy.  The only thing keeping me from buying this all the time is price.  I pay about $1/oz. for Deva One Conditioner, and I feel that’s reasonable.  I can’t really swallow paying much more than that on a regular basis since I use so much of it. I'll just have to wait for a Curl Mart sale ;)

Since I’ve last posted about my hair, I’ve stopped using KCCC on a regular basis. I found it too difficult to find a balance with it.  I found I usually had some really stringy, crunchy pieces, then some soft, frizzy pieces, then some perfectly styled pieces.  I thought after a while I would be able to find a balance, but I never did.  The best luck I had with it was diluting it with water and applying it that way.  It worked better, but I still wasn't able to obtain the crunch I was after.  I also tried using Deva Angel again.  I liked it for a while, then the glycerin overload caught up with me.  Glycerin in my conditioner, leave-in, AND gel was way, way, way too much glycerin. 

For now, it’s back to Deva One-C and a crunchy gel.  I’m currently searching for a nice protein-rich leave-in.  I’m thinking maybe I can get my moisture from Deva in the shower, then my protein throughout the day from a leave-in.  I’m on the fence between COLORFUL neutral protein filler (and adding it to whatever I’m using at the moment), and Curl Junkie Curl Fix Intense Hair Treatment.  Decisions, decisions…

Right now my routine is:

Co-wash with Deva One-C
Rinse out with Deva One-C
Pre-gel with Curl Keeper
Gel with LaBella Super Hold (the big blue tub, #10 hold)
Scrunch with a flower sack towel, diffuse dry

Oh, forgot to mention...since beginning the CG method, I've noticed more growth in the back than I've seen in years!  It's really incredible.  That was one of my reasons for starting CG.  I wanted to grow my hair out again, but my hair used to snap off before it ever got past shoulder length.  Not anymore. So if you're thinking about going CG for growth purposes, I say take the plunge!  :)