Curly Girl Days 1 & 2

I went onto Amazon the other day and ordered some Deva Curl products so I can start this Curly Girl thing off right!  I ordered the recommended Deva Curl products for my 3B hair type (No-Poo, One-Condition, Set It Free, and AnGel), and bought some drugstore products in the meantime since I was such an eager beaver to start!  I ended up with VO5 Extra Body Conditioner as Co-Wash, Loreal Eversleek Conditioner as rinse-out, and La Bella Lots of Curls gel.

I may or may not have made great buying decisions that day.  My boyfriend was with me, so I didn't take the time to read ingredient labels as I would have had I been alone.  I found things without silicone and sulfates, and that was good enough for me.  I also bought a clarifying shampoo with sulfates for my last real shampoo.  It was Dove something or other.  You have to wash one last time with a sulfate shampoo in order to have a clean slate for the CG method.

The first two days using these products, I was really successful.  These products left me with a really nice, natural, but a little textured style.  It had a lightweight feel and I didn’t touch my hair once throughout the day (which is unheard of for me, as I am constantly twirling my hair and messing with tangles that form at my nape!). The curl definition was amazing! 

Here’s what I was doing on Days 1 & 2: 

COWASH: VO5 Extra Body Conditioner.  Massaged conditioner into scalp until all areas felt uniformly clean and slippery, then rinsed it ALL out.  My hair is very lightweight so anything left at my roots is going to weigh me down. 

ROCO:  L’Oreal Eversleek Conditioner.  I smoothed the conditioner through my hair and finger combed to detangle.  Then I parted my hair in the back and smoothed the hair down over my shoulders. I further defined individual curls on each side, focusing on the face framing curls especially.  Finally, I placed all hair behind my shoulders and shook my head out to naturally separate and form chunks.  Then gently flipped over and gently scrunched my very-wet hair, at which time I would scrunch in more water and CO, if necessary, to achieve a nice slippery feeling.  I left that in until I was done with my shower, then lightly rinsed the CO out until my hair felt like wet seaweed (as recommended in CG).

GEL: La Bella Lots of Curls. (Shower water is turned off by now, but I’m still standing in the shower dripping wet) I flipped forward/upside down and scrunched out excess water, then (while still standing in shower), scrunched and smoothed a ton of gel over my hair.  (Personally, I like to turn the shower water back on when I’m done to rinse the layer of gel off my body, but that’s just me). 

DRY: scrunched with a T-shirt

CLIP: clipped the roots and then didn’t touch hair until I was done with my make-up

GEL: homemade La Bella spray gel (mix 1/2 c. gel with 1 c. boiled water, allow to cool, then bottle).    I spritzed any areas that looked extra susceptible to frizz

DIFFUSE: pixie method.  Diffuse until all hair is completely dry.  Did not pixie nape area (I have trouble with natural curl shrinkage here, causing the nape to appear shorter than other areas), diffused this area with head and hair in natural, upright position

I forgot to take pictures of my hair.  Forgive me.  I'm not used to documenting my hair yet!  Trust me that it felt really nice, though :)

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