Going Vertical

So, it’s been an aggravatingly long time since I’ve had time to veg out and craft.  I’ve been maddeningly busy as of late.  I started going back to school during fall of 2011.  I also work a full time job and said full time job has been requiring some overtime for the past few months.  Most people with any semblance of time management skills would be able to manage this without issue.  But me?  No time management skills to speak of.  Literally zero.  So I’ve been deprived of all those sweet hours of interweb browsing, pinning, and crafting that I used to take for granted.  All work and no play has made  Jack Heather a dull boy  girl.  In order to prevent a quarter one life crisis (I could hardly call it mid-life…I’m only 27, after all) I decided to take a break and forgo summer classes.

I think it will be well worth it.  I’m only less than a month into my leisure time and I feel like a new person already.  I have 9+ months’ worth of accumulated ideas sloshing around and incubating in my brain.  I need to get them out. There is an overpopulation of craft ideas and they are starting to overtake my thoughts.  It’s not pretty in there.  I must make the most of every sweet, precious second.

I spent the day Tuesday shopping for supplies.  We have 5 thrift stores , 2 craft stores, and 3 discount stores (Target, Ross, and TJ Maxx).  When I'm seeking out cheap supplies for projects I usually try to get to as many of these stores as possible.  I didn't manage to hit all 10 stores, but I did get to 3 of the thrift stores, Ross, and AC Moore.  I found a lot of really great stuff that I'm really excited to start working on!

My living room already looks like a war zone.  I do not yet have a dedicated craft space (other than the basement, but the lighting is depressing down there), so I am forced to do my crafting throughout the house in areas like the living room and kitchen.  This doesn't bother me one bit, but I think my boyfriend wants to catch my craft supplies on fire.    

 I’ve spent the past few weeks trying to organize my mess of ideas into a cohesive design plan that I can actually work on and put to use within my home.  I realized recently that for as much as I craft and try to decorate my home, I often neglect my walls somehow.  I was sitting on my couch, looking around my house taking stock of what I wanted to accomplish…and I realized that the only walls I’ve decorated are the ones I can see from the couch!!  I literally have neglected to decorate almost every single wall in my home!  My work is cut out for me.  My goal this summer is to get vertical with my projects and get some stuff on these barren walls!

I need to create something for the following areas.  Some areas I have something specific in mind for, others it’s completely uncharted territory.

  1. Living room above the couch
  2. Office space above my desk
  3. Kitchen above table
  4. 3 walls of my bedroom (2 walls/br)
  5. Entryway (3 projects)

That makes about 15 potential projects, give or take.  Plus, I have a few things I’m working on now which are things that I’ve been planning for a really long time, but have put off for one reason or another.  The fact that these are really old ideas finally coming to life is making me all that much more eager to see them to fruition.  I’ve been so eager to get the ball rolling that I already have 5 projects in motion!  Only one of which is for the walls.  Can you tell I get side tracked easily? 

The things I’m working on right now consist of a lot of painting, which means a lot of drying time, which in turn means a lot of multi-tasking.  Spray painting also means that I’m at Mother Nature’s mercy.  This is the real reason I have 5 projects going at once.  I need reliable indoor projects to fall back on.  That, and I’m basically a crazy person.  Or so I’m told.  Here's a sneak peek at one of my current projects.

More to come on that some day soon.  If you're wondering, I'm using a gigantic box from an amazon order as a paint shield.  Worked fairly well, but I'll line the deck next time with a plastic drop cloth.  I’ll have individual posts for this project, and the other projects as I get them finished…or as they progress, depending on how long I take!  

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