Box Trio Makeover

Remember those primed boxes I shared with you last week?  

Applying coats of yellow paint

I first became acquainted with this set of boxes while aimlessly browsing a thrift store for fun stuff to repurpose.  They were hideous and baby-themed in pastel blue, yellow, and pink.  Absolutely hideous, I tell you (forgive me, I forgot to take an unadulterated “before” photo).  At the time I had no plan for them, but just knew I couldn’t pass them up for under $3.  Hidden storage/organization space such as this is always a valuable commodity, and with a little paint I knew these things could be great someday.  So I purchased them, threw them in the basement with all the other cast-off someday-crafts, and forgot all about them.  Until recently. 

Recently, I decided I wanted some sort of storage in my bathroom for things like q-tips and cotton balls.  Currently, I keep all of these things in a drawer in their original packaging, which looks like crap and isn’t really all that convenient.  I wanted something that I could keep out in the open, perhaps on the back of the toilet.  So, like any good hoarder, I check the basement to see if I have a suitable forgotten someday-craft castaway.  Turns out I did.  Enter the ugly nursery themed box trio.  It’s a perfect size for behind the toilet.  Imagine my joy. 

I decided I would decoupage some fun cardstock to the sides of the tray, and paint the trio to match the paper.  Easy enough.  I head to the craft store, and I find (and purchase) this lovely paper. 

Cute, right?  Obviously, I found this paper so wonderful that I went off track entirely.  You see, my bathroom is not gray and yellow.  My bedroom is.  My bathroom?  That’s sage green and brown.  I’m not sure what I was thinking, but I decided to go with it.  Plans be damned.  I’ll work it into the bedroom somewhere.  Perhaps for jewelry?

Anyway, this paper will go around the outside of the tray, maybe even lining the bottom. I’ll paint the tray and boxes dark gray, and let the stencil design peek through in yellow. 

Currently, the boxes are painted yellow awaiting their stencil application and final coats of gray paint.  

Progress now relies on finding a stencil.  So, sadly, this project is officially on the backburner until I find a stencil.

On to my next project: Painted Vases

Does anyone else have crafting ADD?  I seem to always have multiple projects going on at once.

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