Coconut oil. Best thing ever? (and the oil cleansing method)

There's a lot of controversy surrounding coconut oil, and I'm not going to get into any of that.  I'm not a scientist or a doctor, but I am a person who consumes and uses coconut oil on a regular basis. What I can tell you from experience is that my body LOVES coconut oil. I've also read "The Coconut Oil Miracle," if you'd like to do some reading on the subject.

Coconut oil is also extremely versatile. Personally, I use it to lubricate pans while cooking, thicken smoothies, and it has a ton of raw applications. I moisturize my skin with it, and it's an ingredient in my favorite face soap! (Auromere Sandalwood Turmeric, for anyone interested.)

Recently, I came across The Oil Cleaning Method (OCM) while perusing a new blog. If you, too, are new to this, let me explain. It's the concept of cleansing your face with nothing but pure oil. Sounds repulsive, right? I mean, we're taught that oil is bad for our skin, and to avoid it in facial products at all costs (especially if your acne prone!). So what the hell?

Being acne prone myself, I know from personal experience that oil is not the bad guy it's cracked up to be. As I've mentioned, I use soap on my face which includes coconut oil as a main ingredient. I discovered coconut oil for the face by happy accident years ago and haven't turned back (to oil free) since. If your still on the anti-oil-on-the-face side of the fence, I urge you to at least try a new soap with coconut oil!

Or watch this video and look at this person's amazing skin!  Coconut oil FTW!

Using coconut oil as a lip balm!  Genius!  (And for oil pulling, too!)  I usually use Dr. Bronner's or Burt's Bees, but I'm sold on coconut oil already!  And for oil pulling, it must be delicious!

Although I'm no stranger to oil as an ingredient in my facial care products, the thought of putting pure oil on my face is just disgusting! But there's science behind it. And who am I to argue with science? The idea is that oil breaks down oil. So slathering oil on your face is actually dissolving the grime on your face, instead of adding more. Then, because there's (clean) oil on your face maintaining a moisture balance, your body doesn't create more...so no clogged pores!

I'm a little nervous, bit I'm going to give it a try soon. Maybe tomorrow...

Anyone already doing the oil cleansing method?  Have you tried coconut oil?  Prefer another oil?  Do share!

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